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I'm talking about transforming your whole website....these new and great tools below are worth more than any web color schemer combined! - Yup, it's not just one product but a suite of 8 top notch products :-)


You're about to discover the ultimate web site transformation package. 8 PRODUCTS in 1 PACKAGE - Our Kaleido Masters Suite

Featured Product #1
(NEW) KaleidoSite Pro V1.0

Speaking about transforming your whole website....this new and great tool is worth more than any color schemer combined.

KaleidoSite Pro is a shrewd revolutionary software, built to give you a real time impression of giving your entire website a total make-over!

Change the contrast of your whole website? Make it look warmer, darker or even brighter.....

"The real time view of your site morphing into a butterfly, is simply amazing!"

You do not have to worry about changing the elements one by one as you normally do using your favorite editor.

KaleidoSite Pro CAN create new harmonious color schemes

for your sites instantly!

Or would you rather go through the nightmare of:

  1. Change the header

  2. Change the background

  3. Change font colors

  4. Color of each link to suit the color scheme

  5. Save your work

  6. Preview in browser......

"Eeeeeks!!! It turned out awful let's redo it again...."

You can use KaleidoSite Pro to preview the changes instantly without ever worrying of having to edit it again and again and again and ...(this could take forever)

KaleidoSite Pro Does Not Only Process Images...

Software snapshoot

If you're thinking this software only changes the colors of background and text...you're in for a big surprise...

Not only does KaleidoSite Pro use a superior batch image processing core, it will also process the color of normal text, images, tables & all other HTML elements as well.

Unleash the full potential of your websites instantly..! Change the colors in your html web pages right before your eyes!

KaleidoSite Pro is a powerful site morphing tool that is able to transform your whole website. When I mention your whole site....I DO MEAN THE WHOLE SITE including images, background colors and text :-)

If you have those adsense ready web pages this tool will do wonders for you because you can instantly differentiate yourself from any others.

If you are a reseller and have tons of those accompanying sales letters, you can use this software to change the colors of your header images, your background images and the text easily with a few simple clicks.

Just as our header image shows you here are just some possibilities of morphing a website from only 1 single color scheme:

Discover How Darn Easy It Is To Change And Personalize Your Adsense Pages, Your Websites and Your images using KaleidoSite Pro!

KaleidoSite Pro Works with all types of HTML, CSS web pages and is compatible to jpeg, png, gif, bmp file formats.

And we're FAR from done yet :-)

Featured Product #2
KaleidoPhoto Pro V1.0

Taking the engine that was used to build KaleidoSite Pro, we bring you another tool that will turn you into a quick pro designer.....

No designing knowledge
No Image editor+
= No worries!

If you have images that you would like to make more appealing at no time at all, try KaleidoPhoto!

Its like having a team of professional designers doing all the work for you to instantly apply color changes to any images such as tiff, jpg, jpeg, png and gif while not compromising on the color scheme efficiency!

KaleidoPhoto will let you recolor single or multiple batch process images turning your present images into a sight for sore eyes.

I am so confident that you're going to like KaleidoSite Pro and Kaleido Photo Pro that I am making it easier and even more worthy if you invest today!

Uncover the secrets to what may take you years to learn........

Featured Product #3
(NEW) The Exclusive Color Report:



It may make me sound like some color fanatic speaking of nothing but colors......but I went a step further to include this exclusive color report too!

With this concise 70 page report, you will realize and enjoy the world of colors like you have never before.


Grab the KALEIDO Masters Suite NOW and you will also be able to own another 4 Bonus Color Tools!


Meet The Whole Family Of Kaleido Masters Bonus Suite that will change the way you sell online permanently!!

Bonus Product #1

Color Clickz V 1.0

What do you do if you would like to pick a single color off a gradient, that's less than 5px?

With color clickz V 1.0 picking a color off the screen is a piece of cake especially when it comes with a built in magnifier that allows you to single out each and every color that makes that "hard to get gradient" easy to reproduce!

Captures any color off your computer screen fast and easily with just a few clickz!

Bonus Product #2
Color Slider V 1.0

Slide your way to color perfection! Need the exact color theme that will suit ANY site? This tool takes that desire and turns it into reality.

Easily find a suitable color theme and export it to Photoshop.act or Illustrator.ai files!

Extremely useful to overcome those time wasting color blocks!



Bonus Product #3
Color Photo Synergizer V 1.0

Imagine being able to extract any single color from any photo or images and then use it for your sites.

Frequently when you look at a photo, the colors seem so fine but you just do not know what are the colors in that particular image that makes it look vibrant. You try to recreate that effect in the graphics, even asked a designer friend of yours to find a match to those colors and it just comes close...

With the Color Photo Synergizer, you're able to point and map out every single color in most images in detail!

You can even randomize the selection for the software to pick up random based color schemes from the images!



Bonus Product #4
Color Text and Background Analyzer

The most common way to get the colors for your sites will be to look at your competition....what if you can secretly download the colors from your competition's websites and use it to your gain?

The Color Text and Background Analyzer lets you extract every single color from almost all types of web pages and .gif images so that you can analyze the exact colors used and applied effectively to your advantage.

Why the heck should you be interested in owning these color tools?

Look at it this way.....we didn't go into the color business for nothing. These tools are extremely essential for:

  • Non-designing marketers (Novice to Professionals)

  • Wholesalers selling tangible goods who wants to rearrange their shopping cart and give a whole new visual experience to their visitors

  • Programmers who design those eye candy User Interface for your software programs (believe it or not, the color of your software programs can bring down those refund rates considerably)

  • Product resellers who wants to quickly differentiate their offers from their competition

  • Speakers and trainers who needs to leave an impact in their audience by cleverly selling them using subliminal effects in colors

  • Professional designers who needs to unlock their normal designing styles and go beyond their normal understanding of colors

And many more.....

In any business, no one can deny that colors play an important part in sales and marketing!

No stones will be left unturned with regards to colors in this project that I am going to make this even more tantalizingly sweet if you order today:

Featured Product #4:

Handy Color Schemer

Get the handy color schemer with all its bonuses today:

The Handy Color Schemer And Master Resell Rights + Bonuses! --  A tool that I use and I am sure you will be delighted when you start using it!

As in all of the software that Jahn has created, he has always thought of the ease of use for the user!

The Handy Color Schemer is an effective PC tool that you will need to build great looking websites.

You will be able to instantly tap into the colors that most designers have even forgotten about and spice up your sites in a manner where its subtle yet with maximized impact!

We know that you might be thinking that its no use if you can get the great colors but have no idea about designing, which is why we have included this jam packed video tutorial videos that will show exactly how to at your own pace in the comfort of your home!

This Graphic Designing Video Tutorials Kit is all you'll ever need to learn about graphic designing fast! Coupled with the color schemer, this package will make definitely make you a force to be reckoned with...

Wait - Now when you think you just got to have this package...there's more!

If you think this I have already given more than enough with this amazing Handy Color Schemer package......well, I hate to disappoint you.... but people who know me swears that I like to go beyond delighting the customer by adding more bonuses... to any products.

So my dear fellow Netpreneur, now read this, when you invest in this copy of the handy color schemer, not only will you get a resalable, simple to use, every marketer needs it tools. But you will also receive the amazing Graphic Designing Tutorials Kit. And there's more.....

color schemer headersYOU WILL ALSO receive more than 48 header graphics with master resell rights!

This header graphic templates are like you have never seen before... it has taken Jahn some time to personally design it using the color schemer to get the perfect hues and tones just for you..!

Yes these are the exact headers that have been used by some of the top marketers to enhance their offers and you will be able to get them with your small one time investment of this whole package!

There's simply no way in the whole world or the world wide web that you can lose with this deal!

  • Use it for your own projects and gain unstoppable color repositioning techniques

  • Bundle and repackage these tools with or without rights and you still gain

  • Offer a fraction of this package in those massive giveaways and have an incredible burst of traffic and opt ins for your list!

Look at it this way --I bet you have spent $100s or even $1000s of dollars buying those site generators or even image editing tools and $67 is truly and really a minuscule investment compared to the enormous gains that you will be able to achieve with our Kaleido Masters Suite.

You Really Can't Afford Not To Invest In "Kaleido Masters"

It's easy to get started right away. Just click the order link below. And get yourself ready to start earning big fat checks from your Internet Business starting today!

Its time you start complimenting those Site Generating software programs all over the internet.

Don't get me wrong....I am not saying that you should be throwing those software programs that you have just bought....geez.... far from that. What I meant was that its time you stop trying to reinvent the Site Generating tool and let those pros handle it.

The Kaleido Masters Suite was not put together to get into this market of generating thousands of keyword rich websites instead it is probably one of the only means to differentiate yourself from the rest.

Yeah, they must have the most awesome tools to build thousands of web pages in a blink of an eye so what do they need next? Something to make them unique if you haven't guess it yet....and to date there's no other way to batch edit the color scheme of your web pages, determine the color scheme and stand above the crowd with your offers. Period!

If you are or intend to go into the resellers market, you know what will be filling your pockets more right...(did I mention profits?)

Finally A NICE Surprise:

We have also thrown in a 100% JV-Partnership so you can start reselling Kaleido Masters AND be paid immediately to YOUR PayPal Account :-) You don't even have to upload your own Sales Page - Start Earning in minutes!


Yes JayKay, I want to take advantage of this excellent offer right now, as I know there is no way I can lose with your unselfish offer.

I understand that $67 will not only give me all the above 8 products but I will ALSO get a 100% Joint Venture Partnership to the products on this site through an exclusive JV with Kaleido Masters - All earnings will be paid immediately to my own PayPal Account.

I also Understand that due to the nature of This Offer where I AM offered a Kaleido Masters JV-Partnership with immediate payment to MY PayPal account on every sales...Kaleido Masters can't offer me a 30 days money-back guarantee since my own payment most likely goes directly to a JV-Partners PayPal Account & not Kaleido Masters'.

We Guarantee That The Products Works To Your Satisfaction But You Must Email Our JV-Partner Directly For Any Support Or Claim Issues - If You Can't Live With This Then Please Pass On Our: "Make One Sale & You've Recovered Your Money JV Offer" - Simply Don't Purchase, Thank You

I understand
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Order the whole shebang right now for only $67 before I decide to raise the price - It will never be cheaper than today! You can take that to the bank

Picture this: immediately after this measly investment that will make most marketer's call me insane - I PREFER unselfish :-) ...You can access what did cost a whole $7,500 to research, build and develop.

Only an unselfish nutcase like yours truly is selling the whole shebang in exchange for your pocket change - DO compare us to any other offerings of equal standards. I seriously mean that this whole deal easily can be sold for a price not less than $147 and my accountant seems to agree.

Grab Kaleido Masters Suite today and take full advantage of my unselfish JV-Partnership offer before I raise the price....

Seeking YOUR Success,

JayKay Bak

JayKay Bak

CEO @ KaleidoMastersDOTcom

A division of Unselfish Marketers Co. Ltd.

P.S. If you don't already "get it" then obviously I've failed to get my message through to you about colors and leveraging on it, and how Kaleido Masters Suite will release the creative part in you even if you have no idea what a color hex is !

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